Keeping a simple home is easier than you would think.

I began to approach sanity over my posessions when I realised they were just stuff.
Throwing stuff out wasn’t going to kill me.
Throwing stuff out wasn’t going to cause regret (it never has!)
Throwing stuff out was going to give me peace. And space. And freedom.

These days I thank my belongings before I part with them. And I’m cautious about buying new belongings and letting them into my life.

I don’t watch TV, so I’m not susceptible to adverts that would tell me what I must have.

If I buy something and realise it was a mistake, I accept my mistake, move on, and pass the item on to charity, to a friend who wants it, or to the rubbish bin. After all, it’s just stuff – and why hang on to your mistakes?

Finally, I’m now moving to a much smaller home. Less home = less space to fill with stuff I don’t want or need.