Travel makeup

I keep travel makeup as simple as possible. Five products. That’s all.

NOTE: Whichever products you choose, be aware that most regulations stipulate that no product must have a larger volume than 100 mls (3.4 fl oz).

Sunblock. A necessity. Most sunblocks double as moisturizers, did you know? Ensure your sunblock is less than 100 mls in volume so it can go in carry-on. Mine is a cheap supermarket brand suitable for both face and body.

If I run out, I just replace it overseas – I’ve never been anywhere that doesn’t have pharmacies! I’m currently using Olay’s Complete defence daily UV moisturising lotion SPF 30+, which is a bit too highly scented for my taste, but is 75 mls which is fine for carry-on, and a great size for a travel sunblock.

BB cream. Garnier’s BB cream miracle skin perfector for sensitive skin. I’m very happy with this product, it’s affordable, excellent quality, and the tube is well within size and volume limits for carry-on (it’s 50 mls).

Eyeliner. Mine is friendly to contact lenses, and the soft grey color is suitable all year round. I use Clinique kohl shaper for eyes in 202 Blackened Pewter. It has a sharpener in the lid section, and I’ve never had a problem getting it through customs in my carry-on luggage.

All over color. I use Clinique’s Chubby Stick Cheek Color Balm in 01 Amp’d Up Apple for cheeks and eyes. It’s lovely and soft, and an excellent way to do everything in one easy step. I find I don’t need anything more, and have even used this as a lip balm on occasion when I don’t want a full lipstick.

Permanent lipstick. L’Oreal’s Infallible 2-step in 312 Incessant Russet. This has been my go-to lipstick for a couple of years now. It lasts all day, and feels fantastic on. Fine for carry-on. It’s technically a liquid, so it does count, but the tube is only 3 mls, so it’s nothing to worry about.

Travel makeup. Five products, and all you'll need for most holidays.

Travel makeup. Five products, and all you’ll need for most holidays.