Year 2

This is my second year doing The Project 333.

I started The Project in August 2014.

The Project asks us to reduce our wardrobe to 33 items (or fewer), and to wear just those items for three months, before moving on to the new season.

It encourages us to think before we buy, plan our lives, and consider our ecological and economical wellbeing.

As I’ve grown into the Project, I’ve developed my wardrobe. More and more items have become “core items”, and fewer and fewer are “subsidiaries”.

My wardrobe is more flexible, and more comfortable. I feel better dressed.

I briefly experimented with buying cheaper clothes at discount stores (KMart etc.) but have now gone back to buying quality items, and fewer of them. Money isn’t a major issue for me, and I’d rather buy fewer items that I love, than cheap ones that don’t fit well.

This year will be a challenge to get as much black out of my wardrobe as possible. I don’t suit it, I never did, and so I’m going to eliminate what I can. Sure, I’ll have a few accessories here and there, but most of my wardrobe will NOT be black!

I’m also going back to work, so I need to make my natural casual style fit with a more formal workplace wardrobe that will be required of me.

It’s going to be a fun year!

You’ll find each Capsule page link below. I hope this is interesting for you, and wish you well on your own Capsule wardrobe journey, if you’re doing one!