Autumn ’16 (Capsule 7)

My Autumn 2016 Capsule – March to May

I’ve been upgrading my wardrobe, and making it more age- and work-appropriate.

I’m doing this by using vintage-style and swing dresses as the backbone, instead of separates, and finding they’re working beautifully for me, as well as saving me money.

I’m also working to develop my wardrobe so that it is as cross-seasonal as possible, with as few one-season items as possible.

Over the next month, I’ll model my wardrobe for you.


1. Denim swing dress (6) casual
2. Denim swing dress (7) casual
3. Blue summer floral maxi dress (6) casual / summer only
4. Blue corset front dress (6)
5. Blue Poppy dress (7)
6. Black swing dress (6)
7. Black Veronica vintage dress (7)
8. Fresh floral dress (7)
9. Purple panelled dress with lace (7)
10. Red sweetheart dress (7)

Shirts and t-shirts

1. Emerald check blouse (6)
2. Black lambswool cardigan (4)
3. Kelly floral shirt (1)
4. Venus floral shirt (1)
5. Yellow floral shirt (1)
6. Green Jag shirt (1)
7. Coral tunic with gold trim (6)
8. Heisenberg black T-shirt (4)
9. Star Trek purple T-shirt (5)
10. Minions black T-shirt (3)

Jackets, belts, shoes

1. Levis denim jacket (5)
2. Black leather jacket (1)
3. Puffer jacket (1)
4. Brown leather belt (1) – needs replacing with a black belt
5. Black knee high boots (1)
6. Black walking boots (5)
7. Black leather ankle boots (4)
8. Purple walking sandals (1)
9. Black leather flats (7)


1. Denim jeans (6)
2. Denim jeans (6)
3. Black motorcycle leggings (1)

Other accessories

Handbag (6)
Sunglasses (3)
Khaki scarf (5)
Patterned scarf (6)


My wardrobe has expanded again.

After struggling for years to figure out what to wear, now I’ve figured it out and my problem is cutting back.

I’ve become a dress junkie. I’ve found one supplier that makes beautiful dresses that fit me well and look fantastic on, and it’s an amazing feeling to be able to literally wear anything they make.

I’ve also had to update and upgrade my wardrobe. This is part of going back to work and getting older, and just finding a style that works for me. A year ago I was wearing jeans shorts in summer, and living in jeans in winter.

I still live in jeans in winter when I’m at home, but I’ve had to accept that I’m just too old to wear jeans shorts and not look like a mother who has stolen her daughter’s clothes. Yes, I have the legs to carry them off, but I’m also facing reality. And reality says I need to pass the jeans shorts on to someone who is a bit closer to 18 than I am!

Vintage-style dresses are providing a good answer for me, for work-and-home clothing. They fit and suit me well, and they’re not too expensive. I wish I could buy genuine vintage dresses, but I’m close to six feet tall, and women have got bigger since the 50s.


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