Summer ’15/16 (Capsule 6)

My Summer 2015-16 Capsule

*denotes a core item

Jackets and jeans

1. *Levis denim jacket (5)
2. *Black leather jacket (1)
3. *Black motorcycle leggings (1)
4. *New denim jeans (6)
5. *New denim jeans (6)

Shoes and belts

My new Levis denim jacket. I love it already!
My new Levis denim jacket. I love it already!

6. *Purple walking sandals (1)
7. *Black sandals (dressy) (2)
8. *Brown leather belt (1)
9. *Black walking boots (5)
10. *Black leather boots (4)

Summer dresses and tanks

11. Denim swing dress (6)
12. Blue ruffle dress (6)
13. Blue polkadot tank (2)
14. Black plain tank 1 (5)
15. Black plain tank 2 (5)
16. Black butterfly tank (1)

Dressy tops

17. Black strappy tank (6)
18. Moroccan tunic (6)
19. Coral tunic (6)
20. Tangerine tunic (6)
21. Emerald blouse (6)
22. Blue spot blouse (6)


23. Kelly floral shirt (1)
24. Venus floral shirt (1)
25. Yellow floral shirt (1)
26. Brown paisley shirt (4)
27. Green Jag shirt (1)

28. Brown leopard print scarf (5)
29. Brown studded leather wrist wrap (5)
30. Brown Michael Kors handbag (6)

31. Khaki scarf (5)
32. Patterned scarf (6)
33. Sunglasses (3)

And my gym clothing capsule:

Nike pink gym bag (1)
Black mesh zip-up hoodie (3)
Purple gym sneakers (6)

Puma baggy gym trousers 1 (1)
Puma baggy gym trousers 2 (1)
Reebok baggy gym trousers (4)

Plain black racerback top (3)
Pink and black sports top (6)
Running Bare sparkly tank (5)

Swimsuit (6)
Swimsuit coverup (6)
Rash vest (6)
Lap suit (6)


As I develop experience with The Project, I’m noticing that more and more of the clothing I wear is “core items”, stuff I wear over and over and that’s really flexible.

I’m still not good at getting rid of clothing that is worn out. I finally passed my old brown leather jacket – that was my favourite for years – on to the charity shop. It was so well worn, but I simply couldn’t feel my best in it any more.

I’m still struggling to stop buying “repeat items”. Finding clothes that look great on me is hard, so when I find something I like, I tend to buy multiples. I need to stop doing that.

I’m finally making peace with being a big woman – not fat, just big (I’m six feet tall and large framed). Clothes seem to be made for tiny Asian women these days, and very little suits me, both in colouring and in style.

I’ve realised I need to dress in lighter colours which, paradoxically, look better on me and are more flattering (I guess I did learn something from Dressing Your Truth!).

I also need to buy better quality clothing and more of them.

Finally, as I’m getting older, I’ve ditched the jeans shorts – while they look great on someone who is 20, they’re not great for me, heading towards 50.

I’ve just bought a lot of clothes this season, as I was in Australia, and clothing is cheaper there. There were also far more options that suited me and fit me. Hopefully I’ll get good wear out of everything!

Experimenting with “Dressing Your Truth”

I experimented last Capsule with the Dressing Your Truth system of wardrobe and style management. I’m a “Type 1” according to this system, with a strong “Type 3” secondary.

While I found some of the advice very useful (dressing in lighter colours and less black is definitely paying dividends in how I look!), I’ve toned down the Type 1 style to something a little more moderate. Maybe it’s cultural, maybe it’s just me, but a more relaxed version of Type 1 is where I am now. And not so girly.

I definitely feel comfortable in relaxed, casual clothing. I still find workwear difficult, and I’m worried I’ll struggle now I’m looking at heading back to work. The challenge will be finding a look and style that suits me but is appropriate for my professional life. Wish me well!

I’m also trying to get the black out of my wardrobe. This is a challenge, as black seem to be the default for fashion shops everywhere, and especially in Dunedin. It would be nice to try chocolate brown instead of black, as it does look a lot better on me, but I can get away with black as long as I keep the other colours and patterns light, so I might just have to accept that life is a compromise, and black is a part of that.


Numbers in brackets denote the Capsule number from which the item originates:

(1) Spring 2014 (Aug – Nov)
(2) Summer 2014-2015 (Dec – Feb)
(3) Autumn 2015 (Mar – May)
(4) Winter 2015 (June – Aug)
(5) Spring 2015 (Aug – Nov)

(6) Summer 2015-2016 (Dec – Feb)