Year 3

I can’t believe I’ll soon be starting Year 3 of The Project 333! Where has the time gone?

When I first started The Project 333, I dressed terribly. I lived in gym trousers and old t-shirts, and hoodies that didn’t quite fit, and old sneakers.

To say I looked a mess was, well, pretty much bang on.

Here I am, two years on. I’m definitely dressing better, although not as well as I’d like, and being overly casual is still a problem for me. I guess I’m a work in progress!

My wardrobe is definitely significantly reduced from where it was. I still find keep the number of items down difficult, and I’m still a repeat offender – I tend to buy different versions of the same thing. I’m working on it.

Goals for Year 3

My goals for Year 3 of The Project are

  • Focus on cross-season items. I want all my wardrobe, with the exception of a few jackets, to be all-seasons. This will reduce the amount of items I need to own.
  • Sort through and remove any items that I don’t wear. There are still a few items hanging around that I don’t wear. I need to cull them.
  • Check for anything missing in my wardrobe, and fill gaps. I know I need a new belt and a new wallet. Check for other needed items.
  • Separate my wardrobe into Home and Work. Accept that I need two wardrobe capsules, and separate them out. Work out exactly what I need and cull where necessary.
  • Replace, remove or mend anything in poor condition. Do a complete check of everything I own.

Here’s to another year of capsule dressing!

Am I happy with my capsule wardrobe?

YES! I’m so happy dressing from a capsule! I never thought it would improve the way I dress, but it has. I’m still nowhere near perfect, and I still make mistakes, but I have a much better sense of self.

More importantly, it makes me Stop and Think before I buy.

I’m finding that, with fewer clothes, I’m more inclined to buy quality items that last and look better, and I’m happier with what I do buy. I’ve also accepted my body shape more, which for me has been a big issue.

I still have too many clothes, but life is, as they say, a work in progress. My number of items seems to hover somewhere around the 30-40 range, and I’d really like to reduce that. I’m getting there – slowly! It’s a huge reduction from the nearly 200 items I had when I started.

I’d definitely recommend it. If you’re not dressing from a Capsule, I’d say – give it a go! 🙂