Autumn ’17 (Capsule 11)

My Autumn 2017 Capsule – March to May

Autumn is on its way. Time to redo my capsule wardrobe – and I can’t believe it’s Capsule 11!

The Capsule

Dressing with 33 items or fewer

Jackets and Cardigans

  1. Levis denim jacket (5)
  2. Black leather jacket (6)
  3. Grey soft hoodie (9)
  4. Blue hoodie merino
  5. Bottoms

  6. Denim jeans (8)
  7. Denim jeans (6)
  8. Black leggings
  9. Black leggings
  10. T-shirts, tops and blouses

  11. T-shirt turquoise merino
  12. T-shirt baggy blue merino
  13. T-shirt teal 3/4 sleeve merino
  14. T-shirt black 3/4 sleeve merino
  15. Top blue merino half-zip
  16. T-shirt mint cowl neck merino
  17. Shirt yellow floral
  18. Dresses

  19. Denim dress casual
  20. Long blue floral print dress casual
  21. Denim dress casual 2
  22. Blue corset front dress
  23. Fresh floral dress
  24. Folk dance dress with sleeves
  25. Blue periwinkle swing dress
  26. Accessories – shoes, bags, belts, scarves

  27. Black belt
  28. Black sunglasses
  29. Blue butterfly handbag
  30. Black ankle boots
  31. Black ballet flats
  32. Brown walking sandals (Teva)
  33. Black jandals
  34. Coral bangle (antique)
  35. Yellow bakelite bangle (antique)

Sportswear capsule

Sportwear is counted as separate and is not worn for anything except exercise.
I’ve settled on a Sportswear Capsule of 10 items or less.

1. 3/4 length gym pants black 1
2. 3/4 length gym pants black 2
3. Black tank with shelf bra 1
4. Black tank with shelf bra 2
5. Mesh hoodie with pink zip
6. Black beach swimsuit
7. Gym bag pink and black
8. Black sneakers
9. Black walking shoes


My Capsule is pretty much a uniform these days. I choose a pair of jeans, whack on a t-shirt, and I’m done.

I love my collection of dresses, and have had a LOT of wear out of them. They’re great for going out with friends – I just pop one on, and I’m done. If I feel casual, I wear a denim jacket over the top. If I want to dress up a bit, I wear my leather jacket.

I have bought a couple of new items on order, which haven’t arrived yet, for our trip to Europe this year – a very casual maxi dress, and a couple of sleeveless tops. I’ll add them to the Capsule (and remove items if necessary) when they arrive.

I also bought some new walking sandals for the trip, and a new wallet, as mine was really grotty and several years old. My ballet flats are on their way out too, but I’m hoping they’ll last the trip, and if I need to throw them out while I’m in Europe, I’ll do so.

I’m aware I’ll need new jeans soon. One of my pair of jeans is shot and needs replacing regardless, but both pair are way too big now, as I’ve lost so much weight (thanks to ADF!). I’ll keep wearing them until I really can’t cope any more, then buy smaller sized jeans. Yes, I’m cheap! 😉

I love dressing to a Capsule. Not having to worry about fashion makes life so much easier, and I love having nicer clothes to wear.


In cost per wear this Capsule period, the items I’ve had the most use from have been: my jeans, my belt, my grey hoodie, my denim dress, my denim jacket, my handbag and wallet, and my ballet flats.

The items I’ve had the least value from have been: my folk dance dress, my blue maxi dress, my blue corset front dress, my yellow floral shirt and my leather jacket.