Spring ’16 (Capsule 9)

My Spring 2016 Capsule – September to November

It’s Spring in New Zealand! And I’m getting out of black!

I’ve been doing The Project 333 for three years now. This is my 9th capsule, and I’m doing so well with it.

Over the past few years, I’ve struggled with getting out of black. So this last few months, I’ve been working my capsule more towards colour, and have even built a “capsule of colours” to work with.

BASE COLORS: Black, Denim
ACCENT COLORS: Blue & Purple
POP COLORS: Coral & Green.

Base colours are for shoes, wallet, trousers, belts etc. Ideally, with my colouring, I’d have chosen brown, but finding items in brown that fit me in a small town is next to impossible. So I’m settling for black and denim (casual wear).
Accent colours are primarily for tops, but also some accessories.
Pop colours are for accessories, occasionally for tops. Used in smaller amounts.

By creating a colour foundation for my capsule, I should be able to bring my wardrobe more towards a consolidated whole. I’ve had repeated problems with having items that I love, but that don’t work with everything else. By sticking with a colour palette, I should make things easier.

I’m also sticking more to natural fabrics, and good quality clothing. I’ve noticed, over time, that quality really does pay off. More and more I’m basing my wardrobe on natural fabrics, quality items, locally made clothing…all these things that make me feel and look great. I’m wearing a lot of New Zealand merino, and a lot of cotton and denim. All wash and wear well.

And I’m trying to get away from cheap, mass-produced “McClothing”. Now that I have a smaller wardrobe, I’m finding I can spend more on individual items. I’m also buying non-fashion items (50s-style swing dresses for summer are a good example) that don’t date and that I can wear season after season.

My wardrobe is starting to reflect who and what I am 🙂 That’s what a capsule is supposed to do! 🙂

Happy capsuling! See you in three months for the next update!

The Capsule

Dressing with 33 items or fewer
NOTE: Numbers in brackets indicate the capsule each item originates from, i.e. (1) means the item is from Capsule 1 or earlier, (4) was bought during Capsule 4 and so on…

1. Puffer jacket BLACK (1)
2. Leather jacket BLACK (1)
3. Denim jacket BLUE (5)
4. Cherry bomb cardigan RED (8)
5. Zip merino cardigan BLACK (4) – needs replacing

6. Slouchy merino jersey GREEN (9)
7. Zip merino hoodie PERIWINKLE (9)

8. 3/4 sleeve t-shirt merino BLACK (8)
9. 3/4 sleeve t-shirt merino TEAL (8)
10. Fitted t-shirt merino TURQUOISE (8)
11. Long sleeve merino KHAKI (7)

12. Jeans 1 BLUE (8)
13. Jeans 2 BLUE (8)

14. Leather belt BLACK (5)
15. Leather ankle boots BLACK (4)
16. Leather ballet flats BLACK (6)

17. Handbag leather BLACK (1) – needs updating
18. Sunglasses BLACK (4)

19. Hand warmers merino TURQUOISE (9)
20. Scarf merino BRIGHT BLUE (8)
21. Buff PERIWINKLE (8)

22. Denim dress 1 BLUE (6)
23. Denim dress 2 BLUE (6)
24. Ruffle dress BLUE (6)
25. Fresh floral dress BLACK (7)
26. Folk dance dress BLACK (8)
27. Poppy dress BLUE (8)
28. Lace front dress BLUE (7)

Sportswear capsule

Sportwear is counted as separate and is not worn for anything except exercise.
I’ve settled on a Sportswear Capsule of 10 items or less.

1. 3/4 length gym pants black 1 (4)
2. 3/4 length gym pants black 2 (4)
3. Black tank with shelf bra 1 (4)
4. Black tank with shelf bra 2 (4)
5. Mesh hoodie with pink zip (4)
6. Black beach swimsuit (6)
7. Gym bag pink and black (2)
8. Black sneakers (9)
9. Black hiking boots (7)


My Spring Capsule is pretty much identical to my Winter Capsule (Capsule 8). This is because, even though the weather is warming up, we’re still getting cold days and will for a while yet. So the jackets are staying out.

Replacing items… This Capsule I replaced both pairs of jeans I owned, as they were looking pretty old, and one pair was starting to pull apart. I also need to replace my leggings, as they’re getting a bit old, but they’re okay for now.

Simplifying… I’ve gone back to T-shirts and jeans more. I found button-ups were a bit too formal for my daily wear, when I’m mostly around the house. I’m currently liking wearing black v-neck t-shirts with a coloured tank underneath to keep me extra toasty (the tanks count as underwear and are not listed here).

Climate change? As I write, it’s nearly August and we’ve had just one snow day, and it wasn’t much, which is crazy for Dunedin. I don’t know if it’s just a freakishly warm winter, or this is a sign of things to come, but I may be wearing those summer dresses again real soon. I hope so!


Numbers in brackets denote the Capsule number from which the item originates:

(1) Spring 2014 (Aug – Nov)
(2) Summer 2014-2015 (Dec – Feb)
(3) Autumn 2015 (Mar – May)
(4) Winter 2015 (June – Aug)
(5) Spring 2015 (Aug – Nov)
(6) Summer 2015-2016 (Dec – Feb)
(7) Autumn 2016 (March – May)
(8) Winter 2016 (June – August)
(9) Spring 2016 (Sept – Nov)