Winter ’17 (Capsule 12)

My Winter 2017 Capsule – June to August

This is Capsule 12, for Winter 2017. It feels weird to think I’ve done The Project 333 for this long, but it’s now an integral part of my life, and I enjoy the simplicity it has brought me.

The Capsule

Dressing with 33 items or fewer

Jackets, Cardigans, Hoodies

  1. Black leather jacket 3+ years old
  2. Black hoodie 1 year old
  3. Blue hoodie merino 1 year old
  4. New black puffer jacket (my daughter inherited my 5+ years old one!)
  5. Bottoms

  6. Denim jeans new this year
  7. Denim jeans new this year
  8. T-shirts, tops and blouses

  9. T-shirt turquoise merino 1 year old
  10. T-shirt baggy blue merino 1 year old
  11. T-shirt teal 3/4 sleeve merino 1 year old
  12. T-shirt black 3/4 sleeve merino 1 year old
  13. Top blue merino half-zip 1 year old
  14. Black long sleeve merino new
  15. Turquoise long sleeve merino new
  16. Dresses

  17. Blue corset front dress 2+ years old
  18. Fresh floral dress 2+ years old
  19. Folk dance dress with sleeves 2+ years old
  20. Blue periwinkle swing dress 2+ years old
  21. Shoes

  22. Black ankle boots 2+ years old
  23. Black ballet flats 2+ years old
  24. Black sneakers this year
  25. Black and blue sneakers new
  26. Accessories – shoes, bags, belts, scarves

  27. Black belt 4+ years old
  28. Blue merino scarf new
  29. Turquoise merino scarf new
  30. Leopard print scarf new
  31. Blue beanie new
  32. Merino hand mitts 1 year old
  33. Black sunglasses 3+ years old
  34. Coral bangle (antique) secondhand
  35. Yellow bakelite bangle (antique) secondhand

Sportswear capsule

Sportwear is counted as separate and is not worn for anything except exercise.
I’ve settled on a Sportswear Capsule of 10 items or less.

1. 3/4 length gym pants black 1 3+ years old
2. 3/4 length gym pants black 2 3+ years old
3. Black tank with shelf bra 1 2+ years old
4. Black tank with shelf bra 2 2+ years old
5. Mesh hoodie with pink zip 2+ years old
6. Black beach swimsuit 2+ years old
7. Gym bag pink and black 4+ years old
8. Black sneakers
9. Black walking shoes


Buying cheap versus buying quality

Buying quality items saves me money. The dresses I own are all two years old now (or more) yet still look great. My t-shirts have been worn over and over, and still look terrific, their colours bright and shape intact.

I’ve listed how old my Capsule items are, so you can see how much wear I’m getting out of them.

I used to wear discount store clothing, plus a mix of fashion items I’d taken a liking to along the way. Clothes never really fit well or looked good, there was no overarching plan to my wardrobe, and the clothing wore out quickly and needed replacing in a matter of weeks /wears.

It seemed cost-effective because it was cheap to buy, but I was spending much more overall, and my clothes never looked or felt great. A perfect example of false economy!

The correct size

Another thing I’ve learned is that it often pays to go up a size from what you might expect. Clothing generally drapes better when it doesn’t cling. Also, better quality garment brands tend to size a little smaller than items from discount stores.

Fit is more important than the label in the garment. In my wardrobe, I have items sized 12 through to 20. It can do your head in to ignore the size, but it really makes sense if you want to look your best.

The correct scale – a tall girl!

Scale is also important.

In my case, I’m 5’11” and a large frame – not fat, but large bone structure, although I do tend to run a little chubby.

This means that I have to think about how the garment sits on me, compared to (say) an average woman who is five feet four and an average bone structure.

I need to be especially careful with sleeve and leg seam lengths, and checking dress hems, to be sure they fall to a flattering length. A dress designed to fall at the knee on a woman of average height and scale might be unflatteringly short on me!

This also means I need to pay attention to how such things as sandals look (on my size 11 feet), and how handbags sit on my frame. Too small, and they look silly, while a much larger tote works well in proportion with my height and size.


In cost per wear this Capsule period, the items I’ve had the most use from have been: my jeans, my belt, my grey hoodie, my denim jacket, my handbag and wallet, my puffer jacket and my black boots.

The items I’ve had the least value from have been: my folk dance dress, my blue maxi dress, my blue corset front dress, my yellow floral shirt and my leather jacket.

Items I need to consider replacing in the near future due to wear / age include: my puffer jacket, my ballet flats, my handbag, my jeans.