Autumn ’18 (Capsule 15)

It’s almost autumn, and I’m wondering where summer has gone!

Dressing with a capsule wardrobe has become a way of life for me these past four years. I’m used to it, and love having an organized, structured way of dressing. Shopping has ceased to be a habit for me, and purchases are planned and budgeted for.

Four years ago, I’d never have guessed that I could live this way. I’d never have guessed I could enjoy living this way!

My capsule wardrobe has enriched my life and my bank account.

Practical considerations

I returned to work in December last year, and this meant that I had to update my wardrobe considerably towards work-suitable clothing. The advantage of a structured and flexible capsule wardrobe meant that I didn’t have to buy much to transform my casual wardrobe into one that was work-ready.

I was careful to select items that are cross-seasonal, as I wanted to get as much wear as possible from my wardrobe.

My autumn 2018 Capsule


  1. Black leather jacket
  2. Denim jacket
  3. Khaki merino wrap
  4. Long grey merino cardigan
  5. Black puffer jacket
  6. Black light drape front cardigan (new)


  7. Black floral embroidered top (new)
  8. Black zip front top with floral print (new)
  9. Black and white print zip front top (new)
  10. Teal zip front top (new)
  11. Bright blue zip front top (new)
  12. Navy flutter sleeve top (new)
  13. Blue bohemian crystal drop top (new)
  14. Teal 3/4 sleeve t-shirt (merino)
  15. Black 3/4 t-shirt (merino)
  16. Dark green 3/4 t-shirt (merino)


  17. Denim swing dress
  18. Denim tie top dress
  19. Spring floral dress
  20. Blue poppy dress


  21. Dark blue jeans
  22. Black jeans


  23. Black leather boots
  24. Black leather ballet flats – now falling apart 😦
  25. Sketchers
  26. Teva sandals
  27. Black jandals


  28. Brown leather belt
  29. Grey scarf (merino)
  30. Black sunglasses (plastic)
  31. Black leather tote

Sports / workout capsule

According to the Rules of Project 333, I can (and do) have a workout set of clothes. These are for working out only.

  1. Swimsuit
  2. Rash vest
  3. Sports tank 1
  4. Sports tank 2
  5. Underarmour hoodie
  6. Sneakers
  7. Hiking boots

Loungewear / homewear

  1. Long sleeve black merino t-shirt
  2. Black baggy merino t-shirt
  3. Blue baggy merino t-shirt
  4. Black merino tank (mostly worn as underwear)
  5. Ugg boots

Other items

I don’t count underwear, nightwear (I own 2 nighties and 2 robes) and socks.

I don’t count toiletries, contact lenses, my glasses or hair ties as these are not clothing.


I generally don’t wear jewellery, and so it’s not listed in the capsule. I’m also not a great fan of accessories, as I find them too fussy and a time-waster. I guess I really am a bit of a minimalist when it comes to clothing!

Most worn…and least worn

My most worn items are my jeans (both pairs), my belt (every day!), my merino tank and probably my leather ballet flats and sketchers.

My least worn are my bohemian blue top, which I loved in the shop but which now isn’t really doing it for me, and my Teva sandals, which I’ve hardly worn all summer, being replaced by the sketchers.

I bought some plastic jandals (flip flops) for a holiday over summer. We were staying in holiday parks with communal shower blocks, and I needed them for showering. As it is, though, I’ve kept wearing them for gardening 🙂

Upcoming purchases

My lovely leather ballet flats have finally fallen apart, so I’ll be looking to replace them in the coming year.

My leather belt also needs replacing sometime in the next year or so. It’s getting pretty beat up.

I’ll be looking to possibly buy another pair of jeans. I only have two pair, and am finding it’s barely enough to keep me going, as I wear them every day.

I’ll also be looking to buy a second black merino tank. It’s something I’m wearing a lot, as a second layer underneath my lighter tops to extend their wear into winter. I also wear it as a tank by itself.