Spring ’17 (Capsule 13)

My Spring 2017 Capsule – September to November

This is Capsule 13, for Spring 2017. I love dressing from a Capsule, and can’t imagine organising my wardrobe in any other way.

The look: lots of black, with large scarves for colour and style, nice ankle boots for edginess, and good quality accessories, also in black.

– Another baggy black top, with long sleeves, in quality fabric
– Another baggy black t-shirt, in merino
– Pair black skinny jeans

The Capsule

Dressing with 33 items or fewer

Jackets, Cardigans, Hoodies

  1. Black leather jacket 3+ years old
  2. Levis denim jacket 2+ years old
  3. New black puffer jacket (my daughter inherited my 5+ years old one!)
  4. Grey sleeveless puffer vest 6 months old
  5. T-shirts, tops and blouses

  6. T-shirt baggy blue merino 1 year old
  7. T-shirt baggy black merino new
  8. T-shirt teal 3/4 sleeve merino 1 year old
  9. T-shirt black 3/4 sleeve merino 1 year old
  10. Black long sleeve merino new
  11. Turquoise long sleeve merino new
  12. Black button-down shirt
  13. Dresses

  14. Blue corset front dress 2+ years old
  15. Fresh floral dress 2+ years old
  16. Blue denim swing dress 1 2+ years old
  17. Blue denim swing dress 2 2+ years old
  18. Bottoms

  19. Denim jeans new this year
  20. Denim jeans new this year
  21. Black jeggings new this year
  22. Black work trousers new this year
  23. Shoes

  24. Black ankle boots 2+ years old
  25. Black ballet flats 2+ years old
  26. Taupe sandals new this year
  27. Black and blue sneakers new
  28. Accessories – bags, belts, scarves

  29. Black belt 4+ years old
  30. Blue merino scarf new
  31. Turquoise merino scarf new
  32. Leopard print scarf new
  33. Grey merino scarf / wrap new
  34. Merino hand mitts 1 year old
  35. Black sunglasses 3+ years old
  36. Coral bangle (antique) secondhand
  37. Yellow bakelite bangle (antique) secondhand
  38. Paisley orange bangle (secondhand)

Loungewear capsule

Loungewear is ultra-casual items I do not wear to work.
1. Black hoodie 1 year old
2. Blue hoodie merino 1 year old
3. Blue half-zip merino top 1 year old

  • T-shirt turquoise merino 1 year old
  • Sportswear capsule

    Sportwear is counted as separate and is not worn for anything except exercise.
    I’ve settled on a Sportswear Capsule of 10 items or less.

    1. 3/4 length gym pants black 1 3+ years old
    2. 3/4 length gym pants black 2 3+ years old
    3. Black tank with shelf bra 1 2+ years old
    4. Black tank with shelf bra 2 2+ years old
    5. Mesh hoodie with pink zip 2+ years old
    6. Black beach swimsuit 2+ years old
    7. Gym bag pink and black 4+ years old
    8. Black walking shoes 2+ years old


    I’m heading back into the workforce now, and have decided to renovate my capsule wardrobe quite a bit. To give a more professional ‘look’, I’m going with allover black, mixing things up with coloured scarves to make things look trendy and up-to-date.

    I recently bought myself some black trousers that fit really well for work, and I’m looking for some black skinny jeans. I’ll add some black tops to it, and maybe even some black and white stripes to add an edgier vibe. The blue will still form the basis of my wardrobe, but more for after hours than work.

    I haven’t worn my sportswear capsule at all over winter. I’ve been so busy renovating the house and moving, and as a result have had no time for exercise. I need to get back into fitness again. Now I’m living so central to everything, it should be easy 🙂