Summer ’17 (Capsule 14)

Here I am, in Year 4 of The Project 333.

Dressing with less has become a way of life for me. I can’t imagine living any other way. I love not having to worry about what I wear, and I love the convenience of a Capsule wardrobe.

New considerations – the problems of plastic clothing

I’m becoming aware of the problems of plastic clothing. Plastic (synthetic) clothing can lose microplastic filaments in the wash, which find their way into the oceans. Scientists don’t yet know the outcome of this, but are sure it isn’t good.

What this means is, it’s almost certainly not good to buy and use synthetic clothing, if we can avoid them.

If you’re creating a Capsule Wardrobe for the first time, please consider this and look to natural fibres instead, which do decompose and don’t cause the same problems as synthetics.

If you can’t afford natural fibres, opt for secondhand synthetics instead, because at least they’re pre-manufactured and you’re not creating new demand for more synthetics.

For my own part, most of my Capsule is natural fibres and has been for a while. I chose natural fibres even before I was aware of this issue, and am glad of it. I’ll be phasing out the synthetics in my wardrobe over time, and working towards a totally natural fibre wardrobe.

My summer 2017-18 Capsule

I’ll note new items, plus what the item is made of


  1. Black leather jacket
  2. Denim jacket
  3. Under Armour hoodie (synthetic)
  4. Khaki wrap (merino)
  5. Long grey cardigan (merino)
  6. Puffer jacket (down and synthetics)

    T-shirts and tops

  7. Black baggy t-shirt (merino)
  8. Black baggy t-shirt (merino)
  9. Blue baggy t-shirt (merino)
  10. Teal 3/4 sleeve t-shirt (merino)
  11. Black 3/4 t-shirt (merino)
  12. Dark green 3/4 t-shirt (merino)


  13. Denim swing dress
  14. Denim tie top dress
  15. Blue lace front dress (synthetic)
  16. Spring floral dress (synthetic)
  17. Blue poppy dress (synthetic)


  18. Dark blue jeans
  19. Black jeans
  20. Black work trousers (synthetic)


  21. Black leather boots
  22. Sketchers (synthetic)
  23. Leather ballet flats
  24. Teva sandals (synthetic)


  25. Brown leather belt
  26. Grey scarf (merino)
  27. Black sunglasses (plastic)
  28. Black leather tote

Other items

I don’t count my bangle collection. I rotate these through the charity shops – when I get bored of a bangle, I donate it to the charity shop, and replace it with a new one (which I buy for very little). So, in a way, I view these as “on loan” from the community.

I don’t count my swimsuit, two pair of sports bottoms (3/4 length) and two sports tanks. These fit into a separate “sports capsule” and are for workout only, as per the “Rules” of Project 333.

I don’t count underwear, nightwear (I own 2 nighties and 2 robes), socks or my pair of ugg boots (for home only.

I don’t count toiletries, contact lenses, my glasses or hair items as these are not clothing.


Most of my clothing items are several years old. I replace items when they show irreversible signs of wear, but not before. All of my wardrobe items exist outside of “fashion” so they date very well – nothing is particularly seasonal, and I avoid colours and styles that I know will date quickly.

I’ve found that buying natural fibres works better for my body. They also last longer, and wash better.

Most of my items can be worn all year around. I include items such as my puffer jacket in my summer wardrobe, as there are days here in southern New Zealand when I wear it, even in summer! I also find that buying items that are suitable for year round wear gives me better value.